Case-study: Eila opens up conversational commerce for Visa and Freedom Pizza

June 23, 2018

Earlier this month, Eila launched its first major ChatShop in the UAE through a partnership with Freedom Pizza and Visa. ‘Freeda’ is a Facebook Messenger bot that integrates Visa’s online checkout service, Visa Checkout, making it even easier for customers to place their orders. You can try the ChatShop for yourself HERE.


Below you can see some of the amazing results that we've been getting, just 2 weeks after launching:




Late 2017, Eila was one of the few finalists that got to pitch in Dubai as part of Visa’s MENA Everywhere Initiative, a program designed to encourage the development of the next big thing in payments. Unfortunately, we didn't win, but this opened up a direct connection with Visa who were truly interested in exploring messaging platforms as a new commerce channel that would open up massive monetization opportunities, which is exactly where the conversation started. Visa had partnered with Freedom Pizza, which is definitely much more than a pizza place, it's an innovative business that is always smartly coupling technology with its core business to explore upcoming solutions and open up new sales channels to its customers.


The three of us had one common goal and that was to embark the conversational commerce space and explore it as a MAIN sales channel, to prove that business profiles on messaging platforms can truly serve a commerce medium that users can intuitively understand and use out of the box, because it is simply an interface that they use every single day to communicate with their friends, family and even other businesses. 



Well, Freedom had a brilliant marketing strategy, which seems to work perfectly with the messaging medium and that is:


1. To provide special offers ONLY through the ChatShop. 


2. Limit customizability, which simplified the ordering process and decreased the number of steps to complete an order. 


3. Last, but not least, they approached this new channel with a truly attractive advertising strategy, where you could get some of their amazing pizza, delivered to your door for just 10 DHS (about 3 USD). YES! that's one heck of an offer, which worked brilliantly to not only attract massive attention to the new sales channel (the ChatShop) but also resulted in thousands of users registering for a Freedom Pizza account and also, Visa Checkout accounts.


This simply shows how Eila is simply a great tool to onboard new customers who would otherwise face the hurdles of downloads, signups, tutorials, etc... Eila also sits right on top of the business' social/messaging page, which makes it absolutely easy to market within these same platforms. When we couple these two facts, we get a sales channel that is more powerful than any other.



To sum up the numbers, in just 2 weeks we had: 


1. Number of completed orders: More than 2600 orders. 


2. Total value from orders: More than $7,700.


3. Unique users that interacted with Eila: More than 2400 unique users.


4. From those users: 49% completed an ordering process. 


5. From buying customers: 66% came back for 2 or more repeat orders. 


6. At any single moment Eila was handling: 3-8 customers.


7. Average time to complete an order was: 2:15 Min. 


Total order value and the effect of the 10 DHS offer

Some of you might be wondering, that's a very healthy number of orders for 10 days, but why is the total value comparatively small, well that total is greatly offset because of the 10 DHS (3 USD) Medium Pizza offer. Of course, most customers were taking advantage of this amazing special. So doesn't that also mean that there were so many orders simply because this offer as well? Of course, the answer is yes, but this does not mean that the ChatShop hasn't already accomplished its main goal, which is to investigate the viability of messaging platforms as a main, intuitive sales channel, and that, it has accomplished with distinction. Orders will definitely dip directly after this offer is done, but will gradually pick up over time as we've been able to get thousands of users on top of the platform and you can be sure that it will definitely be a medium that they will use over and over again for future purchases and one that they will be more than interested in sharing with friends because of its ease of accessibility and usage. 


Average order time is just 2:15min?  

Let's be fair and start by saying the first registration process, which includes the creation of a Freedom Pizza account and a Visa Checkout account is around 10 minutes, and that includes adding an address, as well as adding your credit card on Visa Checkout. It is worth mentioning however that not all ChatShops will require these as you could settle for logging the user using their pre-available Facebook Messenger data and leveraging that to eliminate the registration process and remove inhibiting hurdles that might stop potential customers from completing an order.


Repeat orders percentage is quite high

Well let's be fair here, where else can you order a Pizza in just 2 minutes? Since the process has been simplified significantly, to make sure that customers can order with just a few taps and with the least amount of steps possible. This in turn resulted to customers starting to actually enjoy the entire process and allowed them to order in the most intuitive manner, even for the first time without needing to go through a tutorial. 



In fact, that couldn't be any further from the truth, Eila was built with Social sellers in mind, individuals and small businesses who are leveraging social media to showcase their products/services and reach potential customers who eventually initiate their purchase intent by calling or messaging the business directly within these same mediums and that is exactly why we built an entire platform that will allow you to build a ChatShop, that offers a ton of features that can push your business forward, within minutes and launch it instantly on your own page. So what are you waiting for, join our waiting list by tapping below and get exclusive access to a tool that will truly transform the way you sell/interact with customers on social and messaging platforms. 




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